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It is not possible to comply with the PSTI in 1 click. However, you can start your journey by answering the following questions:

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Requirements of the PSTI

Since the 29th of April 2024, all consumer IoT devices sold in the UK must comply with 3 requirements.

1. No default password

Devices must not use default passwords that can be easily discovered. This is to avoid mass-compromise.

2. Vulnerability Disclosure

A single point of contact and associated processes must be in place to receive and manage security reports.

3. Support period

The product must receive security updates until a given date. This date must appear on the product or on a website.

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Manufacturers must comply with the PSTI or face heavy penalties.

£20,000 fine per day

when non-compliant products are sold in the UK

Up to £10 million or 4% of the worldwide revenue

for breaching the regulation

A market ban

when not taking action to secure products sold in the UK


The PSTI mandates cyber security requirements for all consumer IoT products. Our 1-click compliance tool is only a start! Go further with our services.

PSTI compliance check

PSTI compliance check

Evaluate your compliance with the PSTI to keep selling your products in the UK.

  • Comply with the law
  • Discover potential issues
  • Prepare next steps
Vulnerability disclosure

Vulnerability disclosure

Learn about security issues in your products.

  • Define your commitments
  • Manage security issues efficiently
  • Protect your reputation
Post-market support

Post-market support

Protect your customers after product release.

  • Setup your internal organisation
  • Improve your existing processes
  • Provide timely update

About us

cetome is a pure-player cyber advisory specialised in IoT product security. We work with manufacturers to secure their products in compliance with the requirements of the UK PSTI and other regulations across the world.

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